[Zhou Chengyan/Taipei] Since the effect of the tax on superfluity for the price reduction of the houses was in the next half of last year, and the sales in the real estate market has plummeted, so the investors are difficult to sell out their houses. With the recent wave of price reduction initiated by High wealth Construction, the house price is still obscure and unclear, so the owners would rather lease their houses by entrusting the houses to the asset management companies for agent management. The leasing agents said, from the early December last year to the end of January this year, the sales was in the highest downturn, and the enquiries were doubled and the performance was increased by 30%-50% throughout Taiwan.

Planning Department Manager Huang Shuling of Yongsheng Property Management said, the call number for the enquiry about the service of leasing agency throughout Taiwan is sharply doubled. After the start of the policies for the tax on superfluity, the investors will temporarily change sales into leasing, with the hope to acquire the profits by means of leasing.

The entrustment of the houses to the asset management companies can save the issues serving the guests, and if the bad guests don’t pay the rent, the leasing agency companies will post up the announcements and send out the legal attest letter. If the postponement period is up to 15 days, the local police stations will be invited together to check the houses and take photos on the houses for archiving, thus to protect legal guarantee for the interests of the owners.